Practical lover vs Fantasy lover

Dazzling Shene
3 min readSep 6, 2021

Meet the practical lover

calculating the risk; the rate of return; the interest accrued over time

tied the knot with a ledger; a match made in Wall Street Heaven— your pragmatic partner; takes credit for every effort put in

a tight balance just maintained ; for every ounce of love debited, love is credited out in exchange; the books are looking good; no window dressing needed

so what’s the problem then? Why is the practical lover not happy? Is pragmatism not what was needed all along; a bank account with a status and a title —all worldly desires fulfilled, what keeps you up at night; barging at your soul?

Practicality looks gloomy? The eyes betray reality? Why do you run away from life? Where is the joy in solitude? Why are you all alone?

Where is the balance sheet? Do you need more assets? Is the Capital not enough? Do you need loyalty as royalty or are you selling your equity to the Vulture capiltalists?

Meet the practical lover; a trophy wife in one hand; a fake smile plastered on; a piece of cake in the other hand; celebrates a victory

the income statement checks out; why are you still at a loss. What’s this heavy duty on your soul? Did you evade the tax of truth?

Meet the fantasy lover

Living in a fairy tale world

The fantasy lover will pamper you; with all the care; putting you first; bringing you the stars and the moon

life revolves around your planet; you’re a deity — to be worshipped; to be pleased

One day the fantasy lover met the practical lover

what a strange match; one wanted to touch the stars, the other wanted to feel the earth

complete opposite Looney Toons; still they had a spark

a connection — the fantasy lover felt strongly; the practical lover denied — on pragmatic grounds they parted

the practical lover with the checklists; the fantasy lover with the dreams

how different were they yet how similar were they; had they realized their union was a blessing; would they’ve tried to understand each other

unbalanced were their expectations; fanatics and extremes, no in-betweens

for if they blended their ways; one would have given a life; the other protected it ; the match could have been imperfectly perfect

in perfection there is no mystery ;a bond is created in imperfections

a beauty and a beast love story; the chemistry bubbles popped

what you see as flawed; the other sees as beauty

The practical lover lived in the real world; the fantasy lover jumped down the rabbit hole

in some other world they’ll meet

unless one accommodates the other’s shortcomings and welcomes the air of enigma— a delightful blend of beauty and brains; pragmatism and fantasy; fan fiction and non fiction — awaits their encounter

a beautiful library of baby books, they will harbor, in their sea of knowledge they’ll swim, together

cuz ; what you see as flawed, I see as beauty

you decide what you want? A practical lover or a fantasy lover; or the unlikely match between the two lost souls finding their way to each other

a light in the dark; the beauty in ugly; the fantasy in reality; life’s an oxymoron between choices and options

don’t make someone an option if you can make one your priority. Choose wisely; what goes around comes around, eventually

Opportunity cost is always high; sometimes the grass is not greener on the other side of the fence. Sometimes you’re standing on the wrong side of the fence

You have to decide who is worth fighting for and who is worth giving up on. Responsibility wins over love, every time; if that’s the case, don’t you ever open the padlock of a trusted heart

cuz beauty lies in flaws; in scars we shine our stars; by truth we kill the lies

what you see as flawed; the other sees as beauty

© Dazzling Shene 2021

Thank you for reading my poetry :) Thanks Ivette Cruz for kindly publishing my poetry :)



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