In the Midst of All the Noise

I need Allah

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In the midst of all this noise; I need you Allah

To lighten a burdened heart; only You see me; only You understand me

All the love I gave to the wrong ones; seldom reciprocated back; only You shower me with unconditional love; no questions asked, even when I slack; I know You love me more than my mom — 70 times or even more; You are Al-Ghaffar (The all and oft forgiving)

every time I fall; you pick me up; put the pieces back together, just right; you help me when I’m drowning, you send me a lie raft; you save me every time; I’m so weak, you’re my strength; Thank You, Allah, for being there for me, Always and forever

O this cruel world had me bent down to my kneels; begging for mercy; I look up to the skies and there You are; You see me; You hear me; You — Ar-Rahman (The most Merciful) — always bestow upon me Your mercy and shelter me from the evil within and outside my minuscule existence

You understand the silent storms raging within me, the fight for control, the struggle for calm; the words unspoken; you understand what my heart wants; You — Al Haleem — (The Calm one) understand me like no one else can or will

I know you know what I want and need are different; I lay all my trust in You; for I’ve trusted people and they let me down over and over again — You — Ar-Ra’oof (The most Kind)

You never get tired of me repeating my sorrows; of me telling You I love You; I know I don’t do it often; You still love me despite I go astray at times and you listen when I come back with my heavy dejected and rejected heart; you understand; You — As-Sabur( The most Patient) help me with my impatience and impulses; How can I ever repay you back for Your kindness and all the love showered at this ungrateful soul. Forgive me Allah, I was lost.

Your love is unconditional; you never ask for anything in return; I was running after the wrong things; revolving my life around the wrong people; Your love is enough for me; You are enough for me; in gratitude I realize; I was wrong and You are always right — You — Al-Wadood( The most Loving)

what I want is not what I need; two different things; O Allah, You know it all; You’re the master planner of destinies; with You I reside my case — You — Al-Aleem (The Knower of All), guide me — You — Al-Haadi, Ar-Rasheed(The Guide); spark a light in my soul, O Allah — An-Nur(The Light, Illuminator)

no soul is empty, no heart unsettled, if they’ve truly found you within — A peace within awaits; O Allah help me; I need you — Always and Forever!

© Dazzling Shene 2021

Thank you for reading my poetry💖 Thank You Ivette Cruz for kindly publishing it in PH 🏡



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Dazzling Shene

A dreamer, a believer, a visionary, serpenting my way through the whirlwinds of life. Here to Razzle and bedazzle You~2 X Top writer in Poetry