Lies and deceit

A lie has no legs

Dazzling Shene
Aug 19, 2022

Sometimes you wonder how can people just omit you from your life

How can they live as if you never existed?

Have they no heart, why do they play dumb puppets at the hands of others, to tug their strings left, right and center

Oh the dance they do for power and monies

Why is the world so impressed by fancy degrees, status, power, and money?

sometimes you wonder why to fall in love.

no, my dear heart, you were never wrong, you judged it right

honesty is overrated

for the world is full of lies and deceit

Dazzling Shene

A dreamer, a believer, a visionary, serpenting my way through the whirlwinds of life. Here to Razzle and bedazzle You~2 X Top writer in Poetry