Life lessons learned the hard way

The other end of the hour glass

Dazzling Shene
3 min readJan 19, 2022
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  1. The journey is always towards the Creator in the end, some realize at the start, some realize it in the middle, some know it all too well but resist it. The journey was from the Creator, to the Creator.
  2. Validation will not come from others. It will not come from yourself either, no matter how many self affirmations you repeat, they help, they will not remove you from a rut. Validation comes from the connection with the Creator.
  3. Rejection hurts but when we stop taking care of our own self, our own wellbeing, there is so much a body and mind can handle before it starts giving up. Be kind to your body, don’t waste lying on a bed, not moving, wishing it healthy. Be kind to your mind, stop the negative self talk. Don’t wish depression to go away. Be busy with the right activities, being consumed with the laptop and mobile is likely to make you miserable, it makes for a terrible companion.
  4. People are busy or they don’t prioritize you yet you lend them a part of your happiness and your growth, you update them when they couldn’t care less, where is the connection with the one who created you. Talk to the Lord of the Worlds instead. Allah always helps.
  5. If some one is not treating you right, stop trying to make that person a hero based on other people’s opinions, your experience is valid, similarly don’t make that person a villain either. Respect that person’s choice, it is how you treat yourself that matters. Don’t internalize their behavior and never go down the trail of negative self talk, you are worthy, you are enough. Allah made you perfect the way you are, if you have empathy, if you are sensitive, it’s a good thing. The world needs more kind people anyways.
  6. Let go of things you can’t control. Stop over analyzing. If you cannot see other people in pain, then do something about it. You cannot see the ones you love upset, what about the millions homeless, below poverty line, kids on street? Have empathy for all not for a select few. Help those who need help the most.
  7. Get out of the daily friend drama where they stress you out and in the end its all for nothing at all. Prioritize your own mental health, you can’t pour from an empty vessel. Help, but realize you get over whelmed, you are built differently.
  8. Ask help from people who genuinely are interested in helping you. Don’t seek help from people who ostracize you for speaking your truth. You are a Leo, a warrior, know your strength.
  9. Know how far you have come and you survived this long without gossip and drama. Be proud of your struggle.
  10. Know that you are one of a kind. You are beautiful inside out and no one has the right to make you feel otherwise.
  11. All praise to Allah and practice gratitude. Without Him I’m nothing, when there was no one, there was Allah, He is the best of friends, the Creator, the One and Only, the Lord of the Worlds.

When you feel you can’t take it anymore, you want to give up (and you can’t because it is a sin), you find other ways to give up, you stop living. You stop valuing your life, you take for granted your blessings, your body, your health. And since you have been so unkind to yourself, the blessings slowly starts slipping away, either you get used to the pain and you normalize it or you start remembering that since you didn’t get what you wanted or how you planned your life or maybe your highlight reel is not that glamorous as others, you deserve the pain.

Either you accept it and let it eat you away or you ignore it away and let it kill you mercilessly. Is Allah ever merciless? Allah is the kindest and most merciful. If you severe the connection between you and the Creator and if you let the opinion of others dictate your life, you will undoubtfully suffer. Build a connection and ask Allah, He is the only one who can and will help you. Just ask! Pray, pray, pray.



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